Retirement is naturally a time of transition. Not only are clients saying goodbye to workplace friends and colleagues, they’re learning to manage on a fixed income. In many cases, that goes hand in hand with an impulse to rethink how and where they want to live out their lives. Some of the big questions clients should be asking themselves include:

Am I financially prepared? 10% of Canadians who declared bankruptcy in 2014 were aged 65 and over. That represents a troubling 20.5% rise since 2010, according to this CBC news story by Sophia Harris, which pegs debt as the main culprit. To guard against that possibility, MoneySense’s Stefania Di Verdi offers up 10 signs you’re ready to retire.

Am I emotionally ready for retirement? The Montreal Gazette’s Donna Nebenzahl makes the case that retirement is the first stage of life that comes without an instruction book. The good news: it’s possible to be happier than ever. But it helps if clients are creative problem solvers capable of replacing “money” with “meaning.” Rick Steiner adds to the dialogue with his thoughtful Forbes article about how to overcome Type A behaviour that can get in the way of a robust social life and a happy retirement.

Am I ready to make a move? Seniors frequently take a look at their housing options when retirement looms. They may cash in on the equity in their house by purchasing a retirement home in another locale. CNBC explores some of the more surprising options from artist colonies to cruise ships. And PBS Newshour looks at the trend of retirees going back to college…to retire.

Will my housing grow old with me?’s Rodney Brooks takes a look at the seven biggest mistakes people make when buying their retirement dream home. And the Tyee’s David P. Ball looks at some of the issues surrounding housing accessibility for seniors in Canada.

Will my money last? That’s the biggest question of all. This Money article by Darrow Kirkpatrick makes the case for an “annuity floor” that guarantees a certain amount of income no matter what’s happening in the market.

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