The idea of retirement is changing. In fact, more than one-third of people aged 18-64 plan to work part-time during retirement, finds a TD survey. Further, about 20% want to volunteer and 10% want to start a small business.

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“People still want to travel and spend time with family, but a significant number also want to stay productive and engaged during their retirement and are looking for the financial means to do it,” says Linda MacKay, senior vice president, TD Retail Savings and Investing.

Still, your clients need to prepare for their goals.

“Regardless of where you’re at in your savings journey, it’s important to figure out, while still working, how much money is needed for the future so that you can develop and follow a financial plan to make it a reality,” says Lee Bennett, senior vice president, TD Wealth Financial Planning.

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Here are some tips to help clients.

Contribute regularly to an RRSP: Nearly half of Canadians aged 18-64 don’t contribute to an RRSP, and more than one-third who do wait until close to the annual deadline. So ensure clients are making it a regular habit every week or month.

Build savings with a TFSA: The investment income in a TFSA is not taxed. The current maximum annual contribution limit is $5,500, but any unused contribution room can be carried forward.

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Turn tax returns into ongoing returns: 70% of Canadians expect to get a tax return this year and many of them plan to save at least part of it in a savings account. One way to boost retirement funds is to consider increasing the amount of the refund saved, as well as saving any bonuses or monetary gifts received during the year.

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