Retirees with a 40% equity, 60% bond portfolio and a withdrawal rate of 4% have a more than 50% chance of running out of money over a 30-year time horizon, according to a recent study.

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The Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch breaks down the report and shows the Monte Carlo simulators some financial planners rely on have major theoretical and practical limitations.

“Monte Carlo is definitely a step in the right direction, but it’s a relatively complex approach that [can] be both useful and dangerous to advisers and people at the same time,” says one of the study’s authors.

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I love these articles which emphasize the risk of running out of money due to market fluctuations. A FAR bigger reason for running out of money is neglecting to plan for healthcare needs and costs as we age. I THINK Long Term Care insurance should be a major part of every healthy person’s planning

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