Looking for a new, innovative solution for your clients who want to live their retirement, their way? Want to make your advice stand out in the growing retirement market?

SunFlex Retirement Income provides your clients with guaranteed, level income for the rest of their lives, plus bonus income that’s linked to market performance. Clients can benefit from market upswings through the bonus income without the worry of market dips affecting their guaranteed income.

Help meet clients’ needs with this new retirement solution

Canadians are hearing a lot about retirement in the media and with the prospect of living many years in retirement – perhaps three or four decades – they’re looking for new answers to their questions about how they’ll make their money last.

With that in mind, you can now help your clients smoothly change registered savings into retirement income. A single premium for SunFlex Retirement Income provides lifetime minimum income for longevity protection and the potential for bonus income linked to the market performance of mutual funds.

Moderate risks to your clients’ retirement – longevity, inflation, and market volatility – with these benefits from SunFlex Retirement Income:

  • Guaranteed lifetime minimum income – they’ll receive a retirement paycheque for life, no matter how markets perform. According to the 2012 Sun Life Canadian Unretirement™ Index, three out of four Canadians aged 57+ want some guaranteed income in retirement.
  • The chance for bonus income linked to the performance of funds they choose – when markets do well, they’ll maximize their income. No matter how the markets perform, they’ll always have peace of mind that they’ll get their guaranteed minimum lifetime income.
  • What if a client had an emergency and needed some money right away? Or wanted a fully guaranteed stream of income? This solution offers flexibility when their needs change:
  • Clients who qualify have the ability to take an income advance, as a lump sum, from future payments.
  • Clients can choose to switch to a fully guaranteed income stream to address a need for less volatility or to lock in SunFlex Retirement Income’s performance to date at potentially higher payout annuity rates.

The opportunities are many among the rapidly growing group of baby boomers. Many are looking for a steady, guaranteed income stream that will last as long as they live.

Offering a product that provides stability and predictability is a great way to connect with clients who are concerned about where their retirement income will come from.

SunFlex Retirement Income provides a foundation of guaranteed lifetime minimum income that’s not affected by risks like market fluctuations. The potential for bonus income built on this foundation means clients have the opportunity to benefit from the upside of market activity and receive money to help them live the lifestyle they’ve chosen for their retirement. This potential bonus is “fun money” that they can use towards enjoyable retirement pursuits, like hobbies, education, fitness, travel, and buying gifts for grandchildren.

There are lots of options for your clients built into this retirement income solution. Learn more about how SunFlex Retirement Income – available only from Sun Life Financial – can help your clients pay for their retirement, their way.

Originally published on Advisor.ca