Did you know that the fastest-growing group of digital users are 51 years and older1 and that this expanding market is looking for an expert opinion to help them make their purchasing decisions2? Social media is a great vehicle to help you reach this demographic.

Sun Life Financial is here to help!

We’ve developed training tools to get you involved in your online social networks and build your business. From interactive classroom training to helpful dos and don’ts, our social media training program has something to offer everyone.

Hands-on training

We’ve arranged for ES Computer Training – and their team of social media instruction experts – to offer hands-on, in-class social media training.

This 1-day course focuses specifically on Facebook and LinkedIn. You will leave the session with:

  • an understanding of the business potential of popular social networking tools,
  • a newly created or enhanced Facebook and LinkedIn page,
  • industry best practices when using social networking tools,
  • a foundation to develop an individual business strategy, and
  • access to complimentary follow-up support for basic inquiries.

For more information and to register for the course, visit the Hands on training page.


Don’t have time for a full day course? Participate in one of our webinars and learn from experts about how you can enhance your brand, identify and target new prospects, and grow your business.

Personalizing BrighterLife.ca

Sun Life Financial’s content marketing website, BrighterLife.ca, features informative, clearly-written stories, videos and blogs about financial, health, family and lifestyle issues relevant to your clients’ everyday lives. The content connects with readers of all ages on a personal level through practical insight, ideas and advice. Every story closes with a link to information about a specific product or service offered through Sun Life Financial, linking the content directly to the products you sell.

You can share BrighterLife.ca with your clients via:

  • email,
  • Twitter,
  • Facebook, and
  • LinkedIn.

You can also personalize BrighterLife.ca articles with your name, phone number, photo and more to encourage clients to contact you directly. Use our Advisor Personalization Tool to get started.

Note: Only contact clients via email if they have consented to being contacted by email.

1 How to connect with digital’s fastest growing demographic, Bret Wheeler, March 15, 2012

2 Acquire More Seniors, Response Mine Interactive, 2012

Originally published on Advisor.ca