Baby boomers are a busy generation. Finding time for appointments in their busy schedules can be a challenge. Traditional methods of collecting information about insurability through paper applications and paramedical exams often mean lengthy appointments and follow-up with clients.

There is an easier way for you to collect information about insurability for clients completing life and critical illness insurance applications with Sun Life Financial. Tele-interviews are a convenient, comfortable and confidential way to collect information about insurability – they can help you speed up the application process and get policies issued quicker!


  • Quick: The average tele-interview lasts 20 minutes, typically takes less than five business days to complete (from initial contact with the client through to interview completion) and is assessed instantly. Policies can be issued faster and you and your clients can get more time back in your days.
  • Easy: You can schedule tele-interviews for clients at their convenience, and a tele-interview can be completed from anywhere your client has access to a phone.
  • Responsive: Each tele-interview is recorded so the underwriter is able to listen to the interview after it is submitted to Sun Life Financial. Reflexive questioning in the tele-interview provides precise and complete information that reduces the need for additional follow-up questions with the client.


  • One-stop-shop: All of the underwriting requirements can be ordered by Sun Life Financial.
  • Experienced: With over 50,000 tele-interviews completed, the exclusively dedicated team of Sun Life Financial tele-interviewers offers a professional experience for clients.
  • Informed: Clients can prepare for their tele-interview with the “Getting ready for your tele-interview” brochure.


  • Peace of mind: Sun Life Financial is committed to the highest standards of care to ensure the personal information collected from applicants and the proposed insured is accurate, up-to-date, confidential and secure.
  • Secure: Tele-interview results are immediately submitted to Sun Life Financial’s secure underwriting portal and are available for processing the same day an interview is completed.

Try using a tele-interview for your next life or critical illness insurance application.

We’re sure your busy clients will appreciate the convenient, comfortable and confidential experience and you will appreciate the increase in efficiency for your business. To learn more about tele-interviewing visit the Sun Life Financial advisor website.

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