The tampon tax may be gone, but the tampon tariff lives on, reports Canadian Business, and its existence illustrates the red tape all importers face.

After a high-profile public push, Canada scrapped its tampon tax – the 5% GST on feminine hygiene products – effective July 1. The move saves women a total $36 million a year, but the tariff will still generate as much as $4 million more for the government.

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As CB reports, even finding out whether tariffs apply to these products is a convoluted process. An importer has to sort through the 1,577-page customs tariff manual to find the correct tariff code and rate.

A tariff of as much as 12% applies on the goods, but an importer can apply for preferential tariff treatment. To do that, the importer must again wade through hundreds of pages of rules and applications.

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