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Leadership lessons

Two researchers blog in Harvard Business Review about what women want in their leaders. Tips include demonstrating both hard and soft leadership skills; being decisive; being inspiring; having emotional intelligence; and enabling innovation. “Women are not waiting for the revolution from above,” the researchers write. “Getting more women into leadership positions can only happen if they experience effective leadership — from both their male and female bosses.”

You go, Dad

In a refreshing turn of events, Jeff Atwood, co-CEO of acclaimed tech company Stack Exchange, is stepping down to focus on his family. It’s what Techcrunch calls “the best reason ever.” Hopefully we’ll see more dads putting family before fortune, paving the way simultaneously for women to take similar career breaks and not be penalized, as well as for mothers to focus on their careers while the father stays home.

Proud at work

Being out at work isn’t an anomaly anymore — even Lloyd Blankfein has publicly stated support for marriage equality, reports The Glass Hammer. At an event for lesbian professionals that included high-level executives from Goldman Sachs, Citi, Bank of American Merrill Lynch and PwC, women discussed how seeing openly LGBT senior executives made it easier to come out at work. “Work is stressful enough. To expend any energy or effort on hiding who you are – at some point for me, it just wasn’t worth it,” said one panelist. Another parlayed working on a task force to secure partner benefits into meeting senior executives she never would have had access to.

Event alert

There’s an event called Real Women, Real Success being held in Victoria, B.C. on March 8, International Women’s Day. It features a panel of women, including Pat Martin Bates, internationally acclaimed artist and printmaker and Paula Callahan, an RN who’s volunteered in war-torn regions.

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