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Ignacio Sosa

Ignacio Sosa is Director, Product Solutions Group, DoubleLine Capital LP.

Mr. Sosa joined DoubleLine in 2014 where he is responsible for new product development and working with DoubleLine’s sales team, clients and advisors in support of the firm’s existing product offerings. Mr. Sosa also oversees DoubleLine’s consultant relationships group as part of his management responsibilities. He is also a member of DoubleLine’s Executive and Fixed Income Asset Allocation Committees. The latter serves as the firm’s investment committee. Previously, Mr. Sosa was an Executive Vice President at PIMCO and the product manager for that firm’s emerging market debt business. Prior to joining PIMCO, Mr. Sosa spent more than twenty years managing portfolios of emerging market securities and currencies, primarily at his own asset management firm and Bankers Trust Company in New York and Tokyo. Mr. Sosa received his MBA from Babson College and his BBA from the University of Miami.

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