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Retirement compensation arrangement could provide flexible pension plan. Eighty percent of small business owners will either sell or pass on their businesses to heirs over the next 10 to 15 years.

  • December 1, 2011 August 21, 2018
  • 14:54

Whether a client’s retiring, starting a new job or taking time off, leaving an employer can often be an emotional time. Financial concerns and the need to make some important decisions, such as what to do with the company pension, may add to his or her stress level. If one of your clients has been […]

  • October 1, 2010 June 16, 2018
  • 11:47

Clients often want their advisors to be proactive, but foreign exchange is an issue most advisors are reactive about. Currency volatility continues to impact the bottom line of owner-operated businesses as well as their portfolio investments. Moreover, currency volatility hides the high margins banks generate on foreign-exchange transactions, whether from small businesses paying invoices in […]

  • August 1, 2010 June 16, 2018
  • 15:49

Frequently, when a person looks to sell a business, the first person he or she asks for tips is an insurance or financial advisor. The problem is, these professionals usually aren’t equipped to provide this kind of advice or service because they most simply don’t know enough about the state of the private equity market. […]

  • November 1, 2009 July 10, 2018
  • 14:18