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Sam Lau

Fixed Income Asset Allocation Strategist and Portfolio Manager

Mr. Lau joined DoubleLine in 2009. He is a Strategist on the Fixed Income Asset Allocation (FIAA) Committee and a contributing member on the Global Asset Allocation and Macro committees where he provides macro economic and sector commentary. Mr. Lau is a Portfolio Manager on DoubleLine’s strategic commodity strategy while working in portfolio management and trading for derivatives-based and multi-asset strategies. His research has contributed to the development of DoubleLine’s smart-beta strategies including the Shiller Enhanced CAPE® and Shiller Enhanced International CAPE® along with DoubleLine’s strategic commodity strategy. Mr. Lau continues to represent DoubleLine as a featured panelist and guest speaker at industry and client events, as well as co-host the Sherman Show. Prior to DoubleLine, he was a Vice President at TCW where he worked under Jeffrey Gundlach as a Research Analyst in the Mortgage Group. Mr. Lau holds a BS from the University of Wisconsin, Madison and an MBA from the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California.

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