Start conversations with immigrant clients

April 25, 2016 | Last updated on April 25, 2016
1 min read

1. For clients who want to invest in their home countries: “Investing outside of Canada is a great way to diversify. But let’s look at how these investments fit into your portfolio.”

2. For clients who are planning to visit family back home: “Looks like you’ve got a fun trip ahead of you. But let’s consider insurance coverage so that you can have peace of mind on your vacation.”

3. For clients who have kids: “Have you talked about your estate plan with your children so they know what to expect? If you like, we can set up a meeting to discuss this important subject. I can save you a lot of headaches down the road.”

4. For clients who are buying property: “Real estate can be one of the safest assets to own. But let’s look at the pros and cons so that you pick the right type of property for your portfolio.”

5. For clients who recently became Canadian residents: “There are financial considerations for any trusts or pensions you may control or own. Let’s go over the rules so that we can create an effective strategy that saves you tax.”