1. For clients interested in cash flow management: “To help you save and invest efficiently, I need to understand your financial life. Along with knowing about your assets, debts and investments, I’d like to help you optimize your income through cash flow planning.”
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2. For clients looking for extra income: “Closed-end funds, or CEFs, can provide lower-risk cash flow. These funds tend to be viewed as high-risk, but that perception is largely based on the fact they’re not subject to as many restrictions as open-end mutual funds. Not all CEFs are high-risk investments.”
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3. For clients who want to start retirement planning: “Changing your spending habits today to fulfill long-term goals can be challenging. But consider that your debts could be rising even as your retirement years are approaching. If you’re wary of cutting spending today, look at this example of a couple in their 50s who need to curb bad spending habits to deal with their debt.”
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4. For clients who own businesses: “As the owner of a private business, you need cash flow to support your lifestyle. Your challenge is minimizing your personal taxes while optimizing that income stream. For that reason, removing money from your company requires careful planning, and we can discuss six main ways to withdraw cash.”

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