Be smart with stocks

By Staff | November 3, 2014 | Last updated on November 3, 2014
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Stocks are the basic building blocks of most portfolios. Handling them well is key to a sound financial plan.

Make sure you know the basics, so you can work with your advisor to build your portfolio and meaningfully contribute to investment decisions.

What is a stock?

“The key thing to remember is that a stock’s return is composed of two parts – dividends and capital gains.” Read more.

Trade shares the right way

“Even the most casual investor has heard about what stocks to buy and when to buy them. Knowing when it’s time to sell is just as important, yet rarely discussed.” Read more.

Value investing rewards patience

“Cheap stocks have consistently beaten both the market and the glamour stocks that make for conversation at cocktail parties.” Read more.

Selecting and trading ETFs

“Unlike management fees on a mutual fund, which are paid for the duration of the holding period, transaction costs are incurred every time you buy or sell an ETF.” Read more.

What are derivatives?

“Instead of purchasing investments directly, a derivative lets you purchase a contract allowing you to buy or sell the underlying investment at an agreed upon price.” Read more.

The value of worthless stocks

“When a family member dies, any property that individual owned is automatically deemed sold at fair market value, which could lead to capital gains or losses. But what if that property includes stock certificates from companies that no longer exist?” Read more. staff


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