Presentation: Investment portfolio components

April 14, 2014 | Last updated on April 14, 2014
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To make it easier for you to prepare materials for clients, we’ve developed this text for a slideshow about which elements go into an investment portfolio – and why. The slides are designed to help you educate newer investors and young prospects. We know you’ll want to customize them and add elements specific to your client, so we’re providing a Word file to make that easier (there is no PowerPoint). All you need to do is fill in your own details and then move the slides into your favourite presentation software or app.

Enjoy, and we hope this offering helps enhance your client meetings.


What Goes Into a Portfolio?


We’ll look at:

  • Factors impacting steady investment returns
  • Investments providing safer havens when markets get difficult
  • Bonds
  • Blue-chip equities
  • Ways to manage market volatility


You have a long time horizon

  • A typical 25-year-old will be in the markets for 50 years – or longer
  • The steadier your returns during that time, the better
  • Eventually, the returns on these investments will pay your household bills


Factors impacting steady investment returns include:

  • Stock markets have been quite volatile in recent years
  • Interest rates are at historic lows
  • Inflation in 2014 is expected to be about 2%
  • Any interest you earn on an investment is taxed as income
  • Depending on your marginal tax rate, you can lose up to half of an investment gain to taxes
  • Inflation, taxes and fees all must be considered when calculating returns
  • Equities are more tax-favourable investments


GICs, and other instruments fixed to today’s low rates, can torpedo investment returns