In volatile times, investment performance can be stressful. Perhaps you’re more concerned than you thought you would be when you first started investing. There are ways to withstand market turbulence, especially in this low interest rate environment. Here are some of them:

Consider alternative asset mixes

“If the historic low rates have turned you off of guaranteed interest accounts, you’ll be happy to know that there are alternatives, such as investing within a universal life policy.” Read more.

How safe is your yield?

“It’s now been eight years of continuous market volatility combined with sustained low interest rates, so it can be tempting to reject long-term investment plans in favour of short-term yields.” Read more.

Investing for steady growth

“When interest rates are low, the stock market’s bumpy, and inflation is looming, it’s difficult to achieve consistent investment returns. But there are investments that generate decent returns with less fluctuation.”

Read more.

Prosperity with property

“When people hear alternative, they immediately think exotic and risky, but that’s not always the case.” Read more.