Give clients tax tips

By Staff | February 13, 2015 | Last updated on February 13, 2015
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The tax man is a burden, but there are ways to save.

First, be aware of all the ways tax affects assets, and the strategies for reducing that impact. Ensure there is constant conversation about tax plans and potential tax liabilities. See these articles for more:

Tax tips for parents

“Read this if you’re a new parent, you have a child who has come to live with you, or you have a child and are a new Canadian resident.” Read more.

What snowbirds need to know about U.S. tax

“Taxes aren’t the easiest issue to understand at the best of times. But when you spend part of the year in Canada and part of the year in the United States, taxes get downright complex.” Read more.

How to fix RRSP overcontributions

“If you have undeducted RRSP contributions exceeding your deduction limit by more than $2,000, you’ve overcontributed.” Read more. staff


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