Advisor's Edge Fall 2020 issue

Fall 2020

Advisor's Edge

Delayed disclosure on Form F4 calls into question advisor integrity

Too often, financial planning is viewed only as a math problem

CERB, combined with lower deductions, is a recipe for potential tax owing

Experts help this couple prepare for a sale and rethink retirement options

“Implicit egotism” refers to the way positive associations about ourselves influence important decisions

Trustees must balance the interests of income and capital beneficiaries amid economic uncertainty

Why own bonds? It’s about the sign change

Canadian Women's Chamber of Commerce founder talks money

Increased awareness of labour law could lead to more litigation regarding employment contracts for financial advisors

Don’t fall prey to cash-is-king platitudes

Conflicting ratings and lack of standards leave plenty of work for advisors

Demand for advice may be greater than ever, but your book doesn’t grow based on need