AE February 2015

February 2015


Embrace the cloud for your CRM and office administrative software.

Should new advisors prioritize growing their books? Not necessarily

Some clients come to you in a state of financial emergency.

The loss of a loved one marks a difficult time for your client.

Referrals are a good way to build business. And if it’s a family member of a current client, most advisors are willing to take on…

You like to hit the slopes. So do your top clients.

Estate Planning

There’s a thin line between maximizing tax efficiency and being offside with CRA.

When Liberal Member of Parliament Frank Valeriote was an estate lawyer, he saw grieving people struggle with their duties as executors.

Market Insights

Well-meaning charitable board members usually gather quarterly to make decisions about how to invest millions of dollars

How to manage your own funds while doing right by clients

E. St. Denis' motivation to invest comes from his experience as a Nortel employee.