AE July 2018 cover

July 2018

Mark Yamada

Evaluating risk to achieve a goal


Considerations when choosing your better half

Get ahead of the intergenerational wealth transfer by adding clients’ kids and grandkids to your book

Inadequate financial literacy can lead to a lack of financial confidence

Retirement News

What to expect in a capacity assessment

Client who might live to 100 has questions

Doug Carroll

Market Insights

Equity managers at a French asset management company found a novel way to communicate ESG factors

Industry News

A Court of Appeal for Ontario ruling earlier this year made it easier to establish liability in insider trading cases

Curtis Davis

How to claim the child care expense deduction

Estate Planning

Beneficiaries have a right to understand the bequest they may be entitled to

Jamie Golombek

The Tax Court ruled on interest deductibility relating to returns of capital used for personal purposes

Margaret O’Sullivan

Preventing estate problems when a client lives in multiple jurisdictions

Al and Mark Rosen

Mistake or sage manoeuvre?