Daniel J. Dochylo

Stress-testing a will

Under the law, a person drawing up a will is free to make whatever will he or she wants to make. But while a person drawing up the will has the right to draft one according to his or her wishes, family members have the right to challenge and contest it.

By Daniel J. Dochylo |January 13, 2014

9 min read

Avoid surprises

Executors should tell charities about any gifts or bequests.

By Daniel J. Dochylo |September 18, 2012

8 min read

Get beneficiary designations right

Market uncertainty has pushed retail investors to look for yield rather than returns, which has made fixed income investing expensive and potentially risky.

By Daniel J. Dochylo |September 1, 2011

6 min read

Homemade wills often require interpretation

There are many reasons a will may need to be interpreted. An interpretation application is a request for the opinion, advice and direction of the court on specific questions. The questions will relate to matters of concern to the executors and trustees (and/or certain beneficiaries) who are unable to discern from the terms of the will how to implement it, or who is to benefit and how. An executor who administers the estate in accordance with guidance received from the court will be protected from subsequent complaint by a beneficiary.

By Daniel J. Dochylo |April 1, 2011

6 min read

The importance of beneficiary designations

Litigation in the field of beneficiary designations is on the rise

By Daniel J. Dochylo |January 1, 2011

6 min read

Joint accounts and survivorship rights

It’s a commonly used financial device between spouses

By Daniel J. Dochylo |September 1, 2010

6 min read