Ken Whitehurst

Media war: Avoid winter of discontent by resetting client expectations this summer (Part 2 of 2)

(June 2003) The dramatic revaluations within the world economy over the last several years continue to command newspaper headlines and rule the airwaves. CPP assets were whittled away. Many corporate defined benefit pension funds went from fat to lean to mean. Many mutual fund investors just cut and run. The investment assumptions that guided financial […]

By Ken Whitehurst |June 20, 2003

3 min read

Media war: Time to bunker down and shore up your credibility (Part 1 of 2)

(May 2003) Too many professional financial advisors appear to be pinned down in the trenches in a gathering media war sparked by disappointed consumer expectations. The rumble of artillery aimed at the advisory community is just starting in Canada’s news media. Many financial advisors may feel like they’ve already been bombed, when they’ve really only […]

By Ken Whitehurst |May 28, 2003

4 min read