Mitch Anthony

The new Venture Philanthropy dialogue

(September 2006) "We must perform a kind of Copernican revolution and give the question of the meaning of life an entirely new twist, to wit: It is life itself that asks questions of man. He should recognize that he is questioned, questioned by life; he has to respond by being responsible; and he can answer […]

By Mitch Anthony |September 5, 2006

5 min read

The versatile advisor

(June 2006) There seems to be a widening gap between what an advisor does and what a client wants. While many advisors prefer creating strategies and crunching numbers — clients are increasingly looking for an advisor who is also a partner, coach, and educator. Clients are looking for interpersonal skills to complement market insight and […]

By Mitch Anthony |June 12, 2006

4 min read