Simon Reilly

Are you majoring in minor things?

We know that the secret to growing your business is to ask for referrals and see as many new prospects as possible. This takes time. Unfortunately, too many good advisors are losing time every day putting out fires and taking care of nitty-gritty details. They’re nearly overwhelmed and yet they can’t, or won’t find the […]

By Simon Reilly |May 4, 2009

4 min read

A strong start for 2009

Now is the time to create a strong start for the year by creating a strong vision for 2009. This gives your business plan a foundation, allowing you to set goals you can use to reward yourself during your journey into the new year. Without a vision and business plan, stress and exhaustion seep in, […]

By Simon Reilly |January 2, 2009

4 min read

Are you still on course for 2008?

(September 2008) The process of business planning and execution can be likened, in many ways, to a captain laying in a course for his ship and crew. Do you still have the inspiration that you set out with on your voyage of 2008? Do you have clarity of vision? Is your business plan written? Is […]

By Simon Reilly |September 18, 2008

4 min read