Vince Valenti

Independence both a blessing and a curse

With the recent acquisition of DundeeWealth Inc. by the Bank of Nova Scotia, the top 5 banks in Canada now control two thirds of the mutual fund assets under management and about one half of the licensed representatives that distribute mutual funds in Canada. It won’t be long until the disadvantages of an oligopoly will […]

By Vince Valenti |March 7, 2011

4 min read

Valenti: Protecting your client book

It happens all too often. A financial advisor becomes seriously ill, disabled or even passes away unexpectedly. When this happens, one of the most valuable assets that an advisor owns – his or her client book – is left unattended. The beneficiaries and/or executors are left scrambling to sell the book with little or no […]

By Vince Valenti |March 5, 2010

4 min read