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Piggy bank lifted up into sky by inflated balloon

Inflation lessons from history

It’s time to stress-test client portfolios


Desjardins settles 2019 data breach class action lawsuit for up to nearly $201M

The agreement would allow eligible individuals affected by the breach to receive payment

Senior couple doing the income tax declaration online

Love and taxes: What the CRA needs to know about your intimate relationships

Completing the T1’s marital status isn’t always straightforward

Help your client with tax-efficient charitable giving

Use these tips to make the most of a donation tax credit

senior couple

Help your client plan for income when a spouse dies

A sample case illustrates the impacts for the surviving spouse

people commuting to work

An unlikely confession about commuting

The loss of that loathsome ritual may be contributing to stress

mother and daughter on a beach

Tax-efficient drawdowns of RESPs

Help this client and her daughter maximize their savings account

risk management

Does KYC risk assessment impede investor outcomes?

Investors cannot be solely deemed conservative, moderate or aggressive

  • By: Mark Yamada
  • November 2, 2021 November 2, 2021
  • 12:30
stock fraud

Heed the warning signs of stock market frauds

Use the fraud triangle to root out problem investments

bull in china shop

The case for boring in a bull market of DIY geniuses

How to keep clients from psyching themselves out


A Tax Court lesson in saving receipts

Expense claims are possible without receipts, but it’s an uphill battle


Advisors should get ahead of the ESG backlash

Regulators are asking if ESG funds are doing what they're supposed to. Clients may be asking, too.

businessman blindfolded

SPACs: Blind investing or investing blind?

Why blank cheque companies may not be right for your clients

Five steps to growing family wealth for the long term: Part 2

The last two steps of the process

Five steps to growing family wealth for the long term: Part 1

Consciously deciding to sustain family wealth for the long term is atypical