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Wooden cubes tax with canadian dollar

Help your client avoid losing GRE status

Contributions and loans to a graduated rate estate can have tax consequences

stock trading app

Following IPO, Robinhood looks to expand beyond trading

Robinhood shares traded on the Nasdaq for the first time Thursday

Two golden coins - Bitcoin and Ethereum

Bitcoin: Disruptive technology or digital Beanie Baby?

Putting cryptocurrencies in perspective

house versus cottage

Don’t let real estate add to relationship woes

Consider the tax consequences before transferring property after a separation

Bridge to Canada Sign

Avoid cross-border pitfalls with TFSAs

U.S. tax rules can lead to TFSA troubles

Wooden dock with chair on calm fall lake

Unexpected tax consequences when accessing real estate equity

Interest deductibility may be at stake

photo of hands holding pen under document and pressing calculator buttons

Non-resident executors and posting bond

Clients may need to revise their wills if they’ve named out-of-jurisdiction executors

house versus cottage

Home or cottage: Which should be a principal residence?

Knowing the answer can help maximize your client’s wealth


Instalment payments for clients who owe taxes

There are three options used to determine how much taxpayers need to pay each quarter

take your own path

In search of buying opportunities

Investing advice that works

ESG investing

Breakdancing and ESG investing

Judging the ESG judges

Closeup of paper man pushing tax wooden block on table against gray background

RRSPs, RRIFs and withholding taxes at death

The absence of withholding taxes can create unexpected consequences if no planning is done

Canada and USA Flag

Wills and power of attorney for cross-border clients

Planning for foreign assets may require multiple documents

Five steps to growing family wealth for the long term: Part 2

The last two steps of the process

Five steps to growing family wealth for the long term: Part 1

Consciously deciding to sustain family wealth for the long term is atypical