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New trust reporting and disclosure rules are coming

The idea of a “private” trust will slip from the vernacular in 2021, as the government gains new information

From passive investors to active shareholders

ETF growth is building proxy power for passive managers

Part-time advisor’s business income doesn’t justify ‘staggering’ expenses

A Tax Court case shows what can happen to unsupported claims

Navigating cash takeover offers for shares

Take the money and run

Financial Advisor Assisting Senior Couple

What cheap investing means for Canada

The regulatory regime has not caught up to investors’ needs

man checking stocks on newspaper and tablet

Second-generation income and TOSI

Find out when your client’s investment income could be subject to the tax on split income

Sprinkle the income, but beware the tax

A TOSI case study

The meaning of trust is changing

Competence is no longer enough

The precariousness of low interest rates: Part 1

Rates have fallen and can’t get up

ALDAs: to buy or not to buy

A breakdown of who benefits from the federal government’s proposed annuity

  • By: Jim Otar
  • February 7, 2020 February 26, 2020
  • 09:30

Testing of T1135 penalties continues

The latest court case highlights the importance of filing on time

Could a ban on share buybacks really happen?

Examining policy options in a heated primary season

wall street, new york city

ETF assets pass tipping point in U.S.

Prepare for an assault on market dominance

Five steps to growing family wealth for the long term: Part 2

The last two steps of the process

Five steps to growing family wealth for the long term: Part 1

Consciously deciding to sustain family wealth for the long term is atypical