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Contributions and loans to a graduated rate estate can have tax consequences

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Wills and power of attorney for cross-border clients

Planning for foreign assets may require multiple documents


When naming minor beneficiaries causes major complications

A lack of planning can impede your client’s wishes

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Use these tips to protect an inheritance

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Can your client disinherit a child?

A court decision in Nova Scotia has implications for estate planning

Estate planning and the disabled beneficiary

Consider these factors before establishing a Henson trust

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Tax planning when your client receives severance

The tax implications depend on how severance is characterized

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Planning opportunities with alter ego and joint partner trusts

Find out if they're right for your client

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Avoid these traps with alter ego and joint partner trusts

What clients must know about these unique trusts

3 investment rules estate trustees must know

Estate trustees are fiduciaries

How much power do powers of attorney really have?

Can a person acting under a PoA make gifts or change beneficiary designations?

What to know about investing within a trust

It's important for trustees and advisors to understand the applicable investment rules for trusts.

Pitfalls with the Principal Residence Exemption

It’s not always simple to determine a residence’s status for tax purposes

Seg funds for estate planning: advantages and pitfalls

Segregated funds are often seen as useful for minimizing potential estate administration fees.

Don’t let courts choose who gets dead clients’ RRIFs

The courts have ordered proceeds to be paid to someone other than the designated beneficiary.

Can you really protect executors from liability?

Many people do not realize that a trustee faces a myriad of legal and fiduciary responsibilities.