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What happens to non-residents’ RRSPs and RRIFs when they die?

A client scenario illustrates whether withholding taxes apply

Financial Advisor Assisting Senior Couple

Love and taxes, Part II: Tax and estate planning for two spouses

Tax rules offer flexibility when a client has both a spouse and a common-law partner

Senior couple doing the income tax declaration online

Love and taxes: What the CRA needs to know about your intimate relationships

Completing the T1’s marital status isn’t always straightforward

house versus cottage

Don’t let real estate add to relationship woes

Consider the tax consequences before transferring property after a separation

Closeup of paper man pushing tax wooden block on table against gray background

RRSPs, RRIFs and withholding taxes at death

The absence of withholding taxes can create unexpected consequences if no planning is done

Coffee Shop owners

How to extract cash from a corporation

Consider these options to avoid unexpected tax results

Close-up of smiling mature woman with daughter at park

Renting to a child while living in long-term care

Find out if your client is still eligible for the PRE


Long-term care and the principal residence exemption

Can your client claim the PRE after moving to assisted living?

Financial Advisor Assisting Senior Couple

Can a surviving spouse split her income with her deceased spouse?

More on pension income splitting for the year of death

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Tax and estate concerns at different life stages

Tips for serving clients of all ages

canadian money house on white background

Selling real estate? The CRA is watching

What clients need to know about reporting transactions

senior couple worrying about their money situation

Is pension income splitting available for the year of death?

Help your client’s family by understanding the tax rules

money investment scale

Why clients should rethink deliberate TFSA overcontributions

Overcontributions can result in more than a simple penalty tax

Messy vintage accountant's desktop with adding machine and paper rolls, he is working with the calculator

RRSPs at death: Do tax-deferred rollovers make sense?

There are some situations where a tax-deferred transfer might not be the best option

Jigsaw Puzzle on Blue background

How retirees can accumulate RRSP room

Find out what types of income add to the calculation of deduction room

Indecisive and lost man chooses the right path

RRSPs and TFSAs: unused contribution room at death

Understand which one offers a planning opportunity

Navigate TFSA attribution rules

Find out the details

Answer client questions about the Principal Residence Exemption and trusts

How do new PRE rules introduced in October 2016 change things?

Navigate RRSP attribution rules

Make sure clients don't accidentally run afoul of the attribution rules

How to fix TFSA overcontributions

The options for dealing with excess TFSA amounts.

How superficial loss rules impact employee plans

We look at key aspects of the superficial loss rule and identify a common pitfall for clients in employee share purchase plans.

Avoid superficial loss problems with registered plans

In response to recent market volatility, some investors are considering tax-loss selling. Make sure they heed these two rules.

Tax-efficient gifts: sharing donation credits at death

Donating to charity can be rewarding, both personally and financially.

Keep the claws off OAS

As Canada’s baby boomers settle into retirement, many are being caught off guard by their complex financial situations

What happens when an RRSP annuitant dies

When an RRSP annuitant dies, it’s often possible to roll over the RRSP to a beneficiary on a tax-deferred basis.