Leafs one of the most valuable teams in the world

By Staff | July 18, 2014 | Last updated on July 18, 2014
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The Toronto Maple Leafs are 26th on Forbes’ list of the 50 most-valuable sports teams of 2014.

They’re valued at $1.15 billion, and have been the richest team in the NHL since 2005.

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The Leafs are the world’s most valuable hockey team, but other North American sports teams, including baseball’s LA Dodgers, basketball’s New York Knicks and the football’s Dallas Cowboys are on the list.

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The top spot goes to Real Madrid, which Forbes values at $3.44 billion. It generates more revenue than any other sports team in the world.

Another Spanish soccer team, FC Barcelona, comes in second. It’s worth $3.2 billion, and is in the process of expanding its stadium to seat 105,000 people.

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