Top insights from market experts in 2019: part one

By Staff | December 20, 2019 | Last updated on December 20, 2019
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Advisor ToGo podcasts and articles covered a variety of topics this year, from tax news and investment trends to global economic analysis.

Here is the first half of our Top 10 list for 2019, based on reader and listener engagement. We’ll post articles one through five next week.

10. How the digital economy is reshaping real estate (Oct. 2019)

Multiple brick-and-mortar retailers shut their doors in Canada in 2019.

9. Is a holding company right for your client? (Dec. 2019)

Tax expert Jamie Golombek breaks down the implications.

8. Expect headwinds for the loonie (Oct. 2019)

A weak loonie was predicted for both the end of this year and throughout 2020.

7. What to make of an inverted yield curve (Sept. 2019)

Why an inverted yield curve can be a cause for concern.

6. How long can the equity rally last? (July 2019)

Global trade and monetary policy news continued to push equities.

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