10 ways to bring up charitable giving

By Staff | September 25, 2013 | Last updated on September 25, 2013
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When finding out how clients want their wealth handled over the long term, always bring up charitable giving.

By doing so, you’ll be offering more comprehensive planning and tax services.

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And make sure to ask all clients, says Financial-Planning.com, since a broad range of people like to donate their funds. To kickstart the conversation, the outlet suggests asking questions like the following:

  • Are you currently involved with any non-profit organizations?
  • How do you decide which non-profits to support?
  • What types of assets have you used when you have donated in the past? Cash, checks, appreciated stock, other non-cash assets?
  • Are there any donations that you have regretted?

Read on to check out the remaining 6 questions.

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