Advisor’s Guide to Leveraging

By Staff | September 2, 2003 | Last updated on September 2, 2003
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Can your client leverage life insurance for their retirement planning?

A cash value life insurance policy (such as Universal Life) can be an excellent retirement planning tool. As well as coverage, it offers tax-advantaged savings for retirement income and tax-efficient funding for business succession. It also provides leverage. The policy owner can access the policy’s cash value by withdrawal or loan, or use it as collateral for a loan from a financial institution.

As with any leverage program, there are risks and tax implications, but these can be managed with careful planning. That’s why we are pleased to provide you with our free Advisor’s Guide to Leveraging. In 16 pages it explains everything your clients need to know – the reasons for buying life insurance and how to access cash values; how leveraging works and different ways to use it; and how the different risks can be controlled.

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