Android sn-app-ing at Apple’s heels

By Staff | December 27, 2012 | Last updated on December 27, 2012
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Google’s Android system is fast closing the gap on Apple as developers intensify their efforts for creating apps for the former’s smartphone platform.

Apple’s app store, one of tech giant’s key edge over rivals, has come under threat from the burgeoning app store on Google smartphones, according to this FT report.

For long it’s been an area where Apple enjoyed a seemingly unassailable lead, but the soaring popularity of Android-based devices, which now account for three quarters of all smartphones sold, is rapidly changing that.

Apart from ever-growing consumer demand, another factor responsible for the trend is the fact that unlike Apple, which follows a strict quality control policy for its apps, “Google does not review any Android apps before making them available through its marketplace, giving developers more freedom but increasing risks for users.”

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