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With Earth Day tomorrow, BMO Financial Group is reminding Canadians that, when done right, adopting an environmentally friendly investment strategy can have a positive effect on both the planet and on investment portfolios.

“Increasingly, Canadians are becoming aware of the critical environmental issues facing our world such as global warming,” said Serge Pepin, director of BMO Investments Inc. “Sustainability is not a passing fad. Governments and companies will continue to make it a priority. Therefore, choosing to invest in socially conscious funds makes perfect sense for the long-term investor.”

According to Pepin, when incorporating sustainable funds into any investment portfolio one should:

  • Make sure the mutual funds fit into an overall investment strategy.
  • Base all investment decisions on potential return and personal investment goals.
  • Conduct solid research when thinking about investing in sustainable funds. Looking into how a fund screens for “green” companies is a good way to ensure any investments have the maximum positive effect on the environment.

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Conference Board of Canada: Global coordination is key

In a report released today entitled ‘Lessons From the Recession and Financial Crisis: Lesson 6-Global Coordination Was Critical To A Speedy Recovery’, the Conference Board of Canada emphasized the importance of countries working together to get through the economic crisis.

“As we have witnessed over the past year and a half, global economic cooperation should increase during times of crisis,” said Glen Hodgson, senior vice-president and chief economist for the Conference Board of Canada. “The financial crises breathed renewed life into the roles of the IMF and World Bank, and made the G20 group into a forum for global leadership.”

The report also warns these institutions of global cooperation should not be forgotten as the impact of the current financial crisis fades.

“There is now a risk that financial stability and global economic growth will remove the urgency to strengthen economic cooperation and allow a return to complacency,” said Hodgson.

To view a copy of the report, click here.

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HSBC Capital announces closing of PEF 2010

HSBC Capital (Canada) Inc. officially announced that it closed its fourth private equity fund, Private Equity Fund 2010 (PEF 2010) on March 31, 2010.

“We are pleased to have achieved a first closing of $160 million in view of market conditions over the past two years,” said Dave Mullen, CEO of HSBC Capital (Canada) Inc. “We appreciate the confidence of HSBC Bank Canada and of our new and existing institutional investors. Their strong participation in the first closing will permit us to move forward to select and support a new portfolio of companies.”

A second closing of the undisclosed capital in PEF 2010 is likely before year end.

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