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AGF Investments has announced the AGF Global Aggregate Bond Fund is now available to retail and institutional investors, well ahead of the scheduled launch date of July 15, 2010.

The fund is managed by Jean Charbonneau and Tom Nakamura, with assets invested in a diversified portfolio of investment-grade debt securities of governments, corporations and other issuers around the world.

The fund is intended to complement domestic or foreign equity funds and is suited to conservative investors seeking exposure to investment-grade fixed-income products from around the world.

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CC&L completes fund merger

Connor, Clark & Lunn Capital Markets has announced the completion of the previously announced merger of its Conservative Income Fund II (“CCK”) and its PRINTS Trust (“Prints”), effective June 14, 2010.

The merged fund has been renamed Connor, Clark & Lunn Conservative Income & Growth Fund and will invest in an actively managed portfolio of high income investments.

The fund is designed to provide investors with tax-efficient monthly distributions initially targeted at 6.0% per annum, or about $0.1161 per unit each month, based on current NAV. The first distribution is expected to be paid to unitholders of record on July 30, 2010. This will include an additional amount covering the period from the merger date to June 30, 2010 for a total distribution of $0.1780 per unit.

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BMO names new sustainable manager

BMO Investments has named a new portfolio manager for the BMO Sustainable Climate Class and BMO Sustainable Opportunities Class, effective on or about June 18, 2010.

Both funds will be managed by San Francisco-based RCM Capital Management LLC, which replaces SAM Sustainable Asset Management AG.

“We are excited about the opportunity to expand our current relationship with RCM,” said Serge Pepin, head of investments at BMO Investments Inc.

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TMX Group to list heavy crude contract

Montreal Exchange has announced it will launch a futures contract on Canadian heavy crude oil, based on the price of Western Canadian Select (WCS) crude.

“We are proud to introduce a new futures contract on Canadian heavy crude oil that can be used by market participants to better manage the risk associated with the fluctuation of the price differential between heavy crude oil and light crude oil,” said Alain Miquelon, president and CEO, Montreal Exchange.

The contract will be listed for trading on the Montreal Exchange’s SOLA(R) electronic platform on June 18, 2010 with the symbol WCH.

“WCH is an integral part of our strategy to service the energy market and complement the trading, clearing and index services offered by NGX and Shorcan Energy in the physical market,” said Tom Kloet, CEO, TMX Group. “Perhaps more importantly, this product demonstrates the key strategic linkages among the TMX Group business areas.”

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