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Meridian Credit Union has appointed Gary Genik as their new chief information officer.

“As our new CIO, Gary brings the required leadership, experience, expertise and understanding of Meridian to the position,” says Meridian Credit Union president and CEO, Sean Jackson.

Genik joined Meridian in 2008 as the director of infrastructure, where he worked on a variety of key initiatives to build Meridian’s IT capabilities.

He has 25 years of senior experience in IT in the banking, securities and technology services industries.

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Poor company values push executives to look elsewhere

The 2009 BlueSteps Executive Mobility Survey found that 75% of currently employed executives are likely, or very likely, to consider a new job opportunity in spite of the recession.

In the 2009 survey, poor company values was cited as the leading factor in an executive’s decision to consider new job opportunities, replacing lack of career development. Seventy-four percent of respondents felt that company values are extremely important, representing a 10% increase from the 2007 survey.

“This openness toward new opportunities during a very difficult and unstable economic climate indicates that executives realize the importance of taking career management into their own hands, and that mobility plays a large part in that,” says Della Giles, director of “While executives are still concerned with traditional things like professional development and responsibilities, they are also now more concerned than ever with company culture and values.”

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