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(March 27, 2008) Practice makes perfect — or so Canadians seem to think when it comes to spending. A survey released by Bank of Montreal found that 93% consider themselves to be “smart spenders,” and 26% went so far as to say they are “very disciplined.”

Then again, 78% of survey respondents had debts beyond their mortgage, with an average debt load of $29,400.

There is some hope, however, that they might be racking up debt as an investment. When asked what they would do with additional credit, 41% said they would spend it on home renovations, and 34% said they would invest in their retirement savings.

Vancouver residents appeared most concerned with planning ahead, with 45% saying they would use additional credit to invest for retirement. Montreal was home to the most disciplined spenders — as defined by themselves — with 64% saying they did not want to live beyond their means.

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RBC’s Caribbean expansion goes ahead

(March 27, 2008) Royal Bank of Canada has cleared a hurdle on its path to expansion in the Caribbean, as shareholders of RBTT Financial Holdings Limited voted in favour of amalgamating with RBC Holdings (Trinidad & Tobago) Limited.

At a special vote held in Trinidad, more than 98% of voters were in favour of the plan, which was initially announced on October 2, 2007. RBC is paying approximately $2.2 billion US for the bank, which is based in Trinidad and Tobago.

The transaction is still waiting for regulatory approval but is expected to close in May or June 2008.

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