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(April 25, 2008) The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) launched a new web comparison tool on savings accounts. The Savings Account Selection Tool is designed to help Canadians find the best savings account for their banking needs and habits.

The new tool allows savers to zero in on 41 different savings accounts offered by 21 financial institutions, including online savings accounts from either virtual or traditional banks. Users can compare features such as transaction fees and interest rates.

Users can also refer to FCAC’s Cost of Banking Guide information kit and interactive tool, which compares the fees and features of over 100 banking packages available through 18 financial institutions in Canada.

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Corporate “intrapreneurs” a force for positive change

(April 25, 2008) Morgan Stanley, Ford, bp, Banco Real, Nike and Coca-Cola are among the companies profiled in a new report released by SustainAbility, a strategy consultancy and independent think-tank specializing in the business risks and market opportunities of corporate responsibility and sustainable development.

The new report spotlights an “as yet undiscovered breed of social entrepreneur within big business — the social intrapreneur. This species often works against the corporate status quo to deliver new market solutions, aligning business value with some of the sustainability challenges facing society today.”

Published in partnership with The Skoll Foundation, Allianz and IDEO, the report assesses different corporate approaches to incubation and delivery of projects — from remote arm’s-length development to full integration with the core business — and analyzes the insider-outsider mindset and hybrid skills that enable intrapreneurial success.

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Jackpot winners plan to keep on working: RBC

(April 25, 2008) Dreams of quitting work, in light of tonight’s Super 7, $17 million pot, may be on the wish lists of many ticket holders, but an RBC study of employed Canadians says the winners are just as likely to keep working as they are to retire permanently.

The Competition for Canadian Talent survey, conducted by Ipsos Reid, shows that only 35% of employed Canadians would quit their jobs and retire permanently if they won $5 million. Another 52% indicated they’d keep working, although not necessarily in their current job; 17% would start their own company and 13% would start a completely new career. Of those remaining, 11% would take a leave of absence before coming back to their current job, while 8% would return to school. A small number (3%) would start a charitable foundation.

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