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(February 7, 2007) In response to media speculation, Rockwater Capital has confirmed that it has received proposals from third parties with respect to its possible sale.

As a result, Rockwater has formed a special committee of its board of directors and has retained a financial advisor to assist in reviewing the proposals.

Rockwater said it continually investigates any and all opportunities that could enhance shareholder value. There can be no assurance that a transaction will result from any of the proposals.

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frontierAlt switches to Caldwell as flow-through manager

(February 7, 2007) frontierAlt Investment Management announces that, effective today, Wickham Investment Counsel has been replaced as portfolio manager by Caldwell Investment Management for its flow-through resource fund.

Personnel changes at Wickham forced frontierAlt to revaluate the management of the Resource 2005 Flow-Through Limited Partnership. Looking forward, the company decided that Caldwell would be the better manager for the fund.

Robert Callander and John Kinsey are the mining and energy specialists at Caldwell Securities Ltd. who will oversee the fund.

“The Caldwell team has shown outstanding performance in their portfolios and represented an excellent opportunity for unitholders,” said frontierAlt CEO Asif Khan.

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