Canadians will splurge this summer

By Staff | June 6, 2013 | Last updated on June 6, 2013
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Canadian tax form.

This summer Canadians expect to spend an average of $3,978 on non-essential expenses, in addition to approximately $3,000 on travel, finds the 2013 BMO Summer Spending Report.

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Other highlights include:

  • While the majority of Canadians (56%) expect to spend the same amount this summer as last summer, 26% expect to increase their expenditures compared to 18% who expect to spend less — resulting in an 8 point overall jump in summer spending
  • Spending on non-essential items include dining out and socializing ($1,404) and entertainment ($975), including movies, sporting events and other summer events
  • Impulse spending will account for another $123 per week on average, or $1,599 over the course of the summer
  • In addition, a previous BMO Summer Travel Survey indicated Canadians who plan to travel expect to spend an average of $3,078 on travel
  • The majority (79%) will look for ways to save and maximize the value of their dollar over the summer months
  • Furthermore, six-in-ten (59%) plan to create a budget to help them manage summertime expenses

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The survey also showed that half (49%) of Canadians have had to cut back on summertime spending in recent years, and plan to continue the trend this summer by taking the following measures:

  • Socializing at home rather than going out (85%)
  • Staying in to watch a movie (85%)
  • Attending free local events (74%)
  • Taking a “staycation” (58%)
  • Furthermore, the most common areas Canadians have been cutting back recently include vacations (60%), big-ticket items (54%), gadgets/electronics (52%) and entertainment (51%)

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