CIBC’s Shenfeld pens Dolly Parton-inspired poem

By Staff | December 12, 2014 | Last updated on December 12, 2014
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Trying to wind down before the weekend?

Then check out the poem that was released this morning by CIBC World Markets chief economist Avery Shenfeld. It’s called “9 to 5”, and reflects on the ongoing fall of oil prices, the Fed’s monetary policy moves, and on what it’s like to trade and watch markets daily.

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The poem, which you can read below, was written to be sung to the tune of “9 to 5” by Dolly Parton (see the video at the end of the poem).

9 to 5

By Avery Shenfeld

Tumble in the crude

on the OPEC meetin’

Energy stocks take a massive beatin’

And it’s a stretch

To hang on for my life

Try to recover

And the blood starts pumpin’

Out on the Street

The volume starts jumpin’

The folks like me on the job from 9 to 5

Tradin’ 9 to 5

What a way to make a livin’

Alpha slippin’ by

With crude oil since Thanksgivin’

Bonds have lost their mind

As the Fed just doles out credit

It’s enough to drive you

crazy if you let it

9 to 5, in equities commotion

As my t-bill friends

Are relaxing in slow motion

Want to sell it all

But my mandate just won’t let me

I swear sometimes that OPEC’s

out to get me.

Stocks let you dream

Just to watch ‘em shatter

You’re just a step

Off the benchmark’s ladder

But catching up

Just ain’t no child’s play

Mining in the boat

With the oils and gas

Waitin’ for the day their ship’ll come in

The tides gonna turn

And it’s all gonna roll our way

Tradin’ TSX

In a year that’s seen stagnation

As the S and P

Just moves up with exclamation

We had leapt ahead

‘Till resources said forget it

It’s enough to drive you

Crazy if you let it

TSX, yeah

It’s caught you where it haunts you

There’s been better years

And your hopin for one, ain’t you

It’s a resource play

No matter what they call it

And you need that back

Puttin’ money in your wallet

Oh One Five, whoa

Its the year to make a killin’

If world growth comes back

And crude oil stops its spillin’

You won’t lose your job

And will get a lot of credit

It enough to keep you bullish if you let it.

9 to 5…

In his release, he also linked to the following video: staff


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