Dealer federation names 2012 board

January 9, 2012 | Last updated on January 9, 2012
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The Federation of Mutual Fund Dealers has announced its board of directors for 2012, which is currently working through a set of key priorities for the coming year.

The new board includes:

  • John Adams, CEO, PFSL Investments Canada Ltd.
  • Jacquie Boddaert, director, Argentum Mortgage & Finance Corp.
  • Andrew Dalglish, consultant
  • Chuck Grace, management consultant at Fusion Consulting
  • Susan Monk, chief compliance officer, PEAK Financial
  • Ian Moorhouse, president at Independent Accountants Investment Group
  • John Novachis, executive vice-president, advisory services, IPC Investment Corporation
  • Vince Valenti, president and CEO, Independent Planning Group
  • Mark Zochowski, principal consultant at Scandamar Consulting Services

The Federation of Mutual Fund Dealers currently represents dealer firms and affiliates with over $113 billion of assets under administration and more than 17 thousand licensed advisors.