Dynamic expands private pools lineup

By Staff | March 9, 2015 | Last updated on March 9, 2015
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Dynamic Funds has expanded its Private Investment Pools lineup through the launch of five investment mandates, and through enhancements to several existing mandates.

New Investment Mandates

The following will be available as of March 9, 2015.

Dynamic Conservative Yield Private Pool (and class). These both provide access to income-producing strategies under a conservative asset allocation mix. The pools are managed by 1832 Asset Management, with a portion sub-advised by Aurion Capital Management. The pools invest primarily in global fixed income, and income-oriented equity securities.

Dynamic North American Dividend Private Pool. This focuses on identifying undervalued dividend-paying securities that are expected to grow their dividends, principally in Canada and the U.S. Cecilia Mo of 1832 Asset Management manages the pool.

Dynamic Tactical Bond Private Pool. This invests in a full spectrum of fixed-income offerings with average credit ratings of A- or better. Christine Horoyski of Aurion Capital Management manages the pool.

Dynamic International Dividend Private Pool. This is a core, international equity portfolio that invests in dividend-paying business franchises. Dana Love of 1832 Asset Management manages the pool.

Additional changes

  • To address the cash flow requirements of investors, Series FT will be available on the Dynamic Asset Allocation Private Pool and Dynamic Global Yield Private Pool Class, effective March 2015.
  • The Dynamic U.S. Equity Private Pool will be managed by Cecilia Mo and Noah Blackstein of 1832 Asset Management, effective March 9, 2015. This change won’t affect the pool’s investment objective or strategies. The pool will also reduce its management fee to 75 basis points.
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