Dynamic Funds offers floating-rate fund

By Staff | September 10, 2013 | Last updated on September 10, 2013
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Dynamic Funds has launched an investment-grade, floating-rate fund. It will be managed by Marc-André Gaudreau and his corporate credit team.

The new fund seeks to provide interest income and protect against the effects of interest-rate fluctuations. It invests primarily in North American, investment-grade corporate bonds. It also enters into interest-rate swaps to deliver a floating rate of income.

The fund may also invest in floating-rate debt and other fixed-income securities.

“Advisors continue to search for ways to manage and diversify their fixed-income holdings in anticipation of a rising interest rate environment,” says Jordy Chilcott, president and CEO of GCIC.

Also effective September 9, 2013 was a product name change; the Dynamic High Yield Credit Fund was changed to the Dynamic Credit Spectrum Fund.

The company says the new name better reflects the product’s flexible investment mandate, which permits it to invest across a broad range of credit investments. The fund is also managed by Marc-André Gaudreau.

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