Fewer Canadians want to be snowbirds

By Staff | December 10, 2013 | Last updated on December 10, 2013
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While 73% of pre-retirees still plan to travel during their golden years, only 27% plan to remain south for the entire winter, finds a poll by RBC.

In fact, the reality is that fewer Canadians plan to become snowbirds. And only 16% of those who are already retired actually are.

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Also, there were marked differences between how the genders expect to spend their retirement years. Women were much more likely than men to say they will work as volunteers (63% vs. 52%) or spend more time with their friends (50% vs. 39%). Men, on the other hand, planned to spend more time with their spouse/partner (61% vs. 53%).

Despite these very different expectations, over one-third of couples have not talked to their spouses/partners about what they want to do when they retire.

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Here are the top ways Canadians aged 50 and older plan to spend their retirement years.

Male Female Retirees Pre-retirees
Taking time for myself 68% 73% 72% 68%
Travel 67% 70% 63% 73%
Spending more time with my spouse/partner 61% 55% 59% 58%
Improving my health 38% 44% 45% 36%
Spending more time with my family 39% 52% 43% 45%
Volunteer work 45% 55% 42% 56%
Spending more time with friends 35% 50% 39% 43%
Giving back to community 31% 31% 29% 34%
Improving my knowledge about finances 18% 13% 22% 10%
As a snowbird 22% 21% 16% 27%
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