Fiera Capital acquires Centria Commerce

By Staff | November 10, 2016 | Last updated on November 10, 2016
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Fiera Capital Corporation has acquired Centria Commerce Inc. from DJM Capital Inc.

Centria is a Quebec-based private investment manager that establishes and manages funds providing construction financing, real estate investment and short-term business financing. Fiera Capital will integrate Centria as its own private lending platform, allowing Fiera to offer its own diversified investment solutions directly to clients. The private lending platform is called Fiera Private Lending.

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Centria was first acquired in 2002 by a predecessor of DJM, and Fiera Capital has worked closely with the team since 2008. Fiera Capital’s private wealth clients have provided substantially all of the funds invested by Centria in its private lending activities. Almost all of Centria’s approximately $325 million of net assets under management form part of Fiera Capital’s existing client assets. Total consideration paid at closing for Centria was $33 million.

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