Fixed income round up

By Staff | April 29, 2013 | Last updated on April 29, 2013
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The low-rate environment makes fixed income much less promising than it used to be. But there are still opportunities if you look in the right places.

Use these articles to help build an effective fixed-income allocation:

Delivering bond returns requires creativity

Delivering positive real returns to bond fund shareholders now requires a more creative way of thinking — one that more actively assesses sector and issue-specific risks, says Scott Kimball, portfolio manager for BMO TCH Corporate Income and Core Plus Bond Funds.

Fixing fixed income

Uneven market performance and the current low-interest-rate environment have left many Canadians expecting to retire in the next 10 years without sufficient nest eggs.

ETFs fit the bill for fixed-income allocation

Fixed-income ETFs hold significant potential for institutional investors, who are using them in increasingly sophisticated ways.

Corporate bonds mitigate U.S. growth risk

The U.S. is recovering slowly but steadily, which means U.S. corporate bonds are good choices for fixed-income investors. So says Pablo Martinez, assistant vice president of global fixed income at CIBC Global Asset Management.

AUDIO: Expect lower fixed-income returns

Randy LeClair, a senior fixed income strategist at Manulife Asset Management, outlines past and upcoming trends. staff


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