Franklin Templeton offering two more fixed-income funds

By Staff | November 16, 2016 | Last updated on November 16, 2016
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Franklin Templeton Investments has launched the Franklin Bissett Canadian Government Bond Fund and the Franklin Quotential Fixed Income Portfolio.

The fund seeks to provide income, liquidity and moderate capital appreciation by investing primarily in bonds issued by all three levels of government in Canada and government agencies, including mortgage-backed securities and real return bonds.

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The fund is co-managed by Tom O’Gorman, portfolio manager and director of fixed income at Franklin Bissett Investment Management, and Darcy Briggs, vice-president and portfolio manager of Franklin Bissett Investment Management. They each have more than 22 years of industry experience.

The firm is also opening a fund of funds, called the Franklin Quotential Fixed Income Portfolio. The fund provides investors with an actively managed mix of domestic and foreign fixed income. While investing primarily in mutual funds and ETFs, active adjustments to allocations and currency exposures aim to capitalize on short-term opportunities and manage risk when the investing climate changes. It’s managed by Stephen Lingard, senior vice-president and portfolio manager, and Michael Greenberg, vice-president and portfolio manager.

Both funds are available in Series F, O and PF.

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