Friday Funnies: Mutual fun returns

By Philip Porado | July 27, 2012 | Last updated on July 27, 2012
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In 2009, we asked advisors to share their funniest tales in hopes of bringing some levity to the dark days of the financial crisis.

We’re bringing them back on Fridays so you’ll get a few laughs going into the weekend.

Medical miracles

A Prairie advisor shares two tales. The first is from an insurance advisor who had a unique way of retaining policies.

Whenever a client applied for a large insurance policy, in the $1 million ballpark, the advisor would insist the client undergo a colonoscopy. His policyholders would seldom cancel their coverage because they didn’t want to repeat the test.

And, this one from his own client files. Two decades ago, his lawyer—and client—applied for a disability policy. She was in overall good health and weight but the insurance company used an odd phrase to make an exception in its underwriting for the client’s recent knee operation.

The clause in the contract literally read: “We will have to waive your knee.”

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Philip Porado