Fund sales drop after RSP rush

By Steven Lamb | April 2, 2009 | Last updated on April 2, 2009
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The mutual fund industry may have seen only tepid sales in March, according to the Investment Funds Institute of Canada, which estimates net sales may have been as low as $168 million. The high end of the estimate sounds somewhat more respectable, however, at $668 million.

Mutual funds investors had socked away $1.7 billion in February.

“Equity markets were more cooperative last month which resulted in an estimated 4.16% or $20 billion increase in industry assets under management,” said Pat Dunwoody, vice-president of member services and communications with IFIC. “Things were a bit more subdued on the sales side where it’s likely that Canadians were a little less focused on their investments and a little more focused on things like their employment which is understandable.”

IFIC estimates net assets of the mutual fund industry were between $494.2 billion and $499.2 billion at the end of March, up about 4.2% from $476.9 billion at the end of February.

RBC Asset Management and Phillips, Hager & North reported $980 million in net sales for money market funds, while long-term funds were hit with $6 million in net redemptions. Assets under management increased by $3.9 billion, or 4.4%.

“We continue to see strong demand by investors for conservative products,” said Doug Coulter, president of RBC AM. “RBC Select Portfolios saw sales of approximately $100 million in March, with our new Select Very Conservative portfolio accounting for $28 million of that amount — a strong result for this fund in its first month.”

CI Financial reported net sales of $59 million for the month, on gross sales of $702 million. Assets under management rose by $2.8 billion, to $53.2 billon.

“CI experienced a material increase in assets over the month as global equity markets rallied,” said Stephen A. MacPhail, CI President. “This is a positive development for fund investors and CI shareholders and marks a favourable start to the second quarter.”

CI Investments and United Financial Corporation posted combined net sales of $77 million in long term funds, with money market funds seeing $14 million in net redemptions. An additional $4 million in net redemptions stemmed from deposit notes.

IGM Financial posted net redemptions of $82.5 million. Mutual fund assets under management were $81.9 billion as at March 31, 2009, compared to $105.2 billion on the same date last year.

The Investors Group brand posted $34.6 million in net new money for long-term funds, and $24.3 million in net inflows for money market funds. Combined net new money totalled $58.9 million.

Mutual fund assets under management totalled $46.6 billion at the end of March, compared with $58.6 billion a year earlier.

IGM’s Mackenzie Investments division posted net redemptions of $143.3 million for the month, on gross sales of $479 million. Year over year, mutual fund assets under management have fallen 24.4%, to $33.6 billion.

The company reported long-term fund redemptions of $97.8 million, while money market funds saw net redemptions total $45.5 million.

Counsel Group of Funds reported its long-term funds received $300,000 in net new money, with $1.6 million in net inflows to money market funds. Mutual fund assets under management were $1.67 billion compared with $2.18 billion a year earlier.

AGF Management reported net redemptions of long-term mutual funds were $32.7 million, with gross sales of $222 million. Money market funds saw net redemptions of $3.1 million, on gross sales of $22.9 million.

Mavrix Mutual Funds reported $5 million in net sales, on gross sales of $12.7 million. Total AUM increased by 3.8% to $255.6 million, which marked a year-over-year drop of 53%.

“We continue to see steady net sales in our conservative income oriented mutual fund, the Mavrix Balanced Monthly Pay Fund,” said David Balsdon, CCO, secretary-treasurer and vice-president. “We remain very encouraged by the strong year-to-date performance of the Mavrix Explorer Fund, our primary natural resource mutual fund.”


Steven Lamb